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Innovera's eLearning development services are made for organizations that want to develop training content under their own directions. We have a holistic range of services begining from Instructional Designing to Final delivery of various types of content like custom content, rapid authoring, gamified content etc.

Rapid Authoring

Rapid Authoring tools are best options to create customized elearning at a great budget and lesser time. Our team can create content using any tool like Storyline, Captivate, Lectora, Rise etc.
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Responsive Learning

A multi-device learning is the new normal. Innovera has the capability to develop content that works seamlessly on all devices including Mobile, Desktop, Tablets and Laptop. Once upgraded, the changes will reflect on all devices.
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Content Localization

Multinational organizations needs to cater to learners of various languages and cultures. Our localization services using native translators and professionals can convert your existing courses to various languages and cultures.
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Gamified Content

eLearning has faces challenge for learner engagement, enthusiasm and motivation for continual learning.A small dose of gamified content can help.
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Animations are great way to communicate and train learners. Animations can easily create the real time situations and imaginations from the comfort of a studio. We provide various types of character animation and white-board animations.
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Simulations can provide learners with an environment which is difficult to create in real life. Whether it is training about running a software or flying and aeroplane or working in a risky oil exploration area, simulation can provide near-real experience to learners.
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Learning Videos

Learning videos have emerged as one of the preferred mode of learning. They are easy to create, can include real time situations and interesting to watch. We create various types of learning videos shot at studio and also at your location. Our editing team can add special effects to make reality look larger than life.
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Our holistic eLearning services meet all your learning needs beginning from rapid authoring to learning games.

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