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We conduct exploratory sessions with the stakeholders, examine the ground situation and create a roadmap for learning & training. Our solutions are based on various concepts of learning that includes:

Blended Learning

Blended learning is a concept where we use various modalities of learning to achieve multiple goals, make learning exciting and create a balance between realtime and virtual learning..
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Spaced Learning

Spaced learning helps learners to deliver training/learning at frequent interval, in smaller chunks, as opposed to one time learning activity. It reduced the memory load on learners, and improves knowledge retention.
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Micro Learning

Microlearning or Learning nuggets are small chunks of content in any form like Video, Infographics, podcasts that last for 5-10 minutes and used in many methodologies like spaced learning, performance support system, just in time learning etc.
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The Vark Model

The acronym VARK stands for Visual, Aural, Read/write, and Kinesthetic. THe model suggest that the learners can be categorized into 4 types depending on what type of medium they prefer for learning i.e. ones that love visual training, second those who learn by listening, third who learn well by reading of writing and the fourth who learn by doing things or seeing the actual action.
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A concepts developed by a groups of learning practitioners suggest that a learner learns 70% by the virtue of doing a job, 20 % by support of peers or social learning and 10% through organization’s formal learning and training infrastructure. We at Innovera helps organizations to create learning infrastructure that supports this concept.
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Our concept based solutions are designed to match your organization's learning culture and employee behaviour.

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